Survivor Season 29: Season Finale

Fans of the game, the holidays plus the 3 hour long season premiere of The Bachelor really postponed my blogging.

The season finale kicked off with a girl fight between Natalie and Jaclyn. Jaclyn was so blindsided by John being outed at tribal she went back to camp guns a blazin’

until reality set in that her wine connoisseur lover would not be sleeping next to her on the ground tonight.

At the reward challenge, Keith won an advantage in the next immunity challenge.
Keith Wins Reward

And he sent Jaclyn to Exile.

When they got back to camp, Keith ventured off to find out what the advantage was.

They brought the next immunity challenge to Keith!!! He had all day to practice and perfect the challenge and get ready!!.

At the immunity challenge Keith blew it up! Nobody even came close.
Keith wins immunity

Going into tribal, Natalie wanted to make a big move but she had a final 3 deal with Missy and Baylor. Unfortunately for Missy and Baylor, Natalie “surprise” played her idol for Jaclyn and sent Baylor packing.
Natalie Anderson

Natalie Anderson gif
Baylor Wilson gif

Props to Natalie for pulling it off.

At the final immunity challenge, Keith, Jaclyn, Natalie and Missy (oh wait, Missy is still one leg down) duke it out to see who will make it to the final 3.

Natalie and Keith had a huge advantage over Jaclyn going into the puzzle.

But they couldn’t seem to pull it together and Jaclyn pulled ahead even though she could barely hold her head up.

And Jaclyn WON!
Jaclyn Schultz

Back at camp, Jaclyn and Missy discuss who to vote out, Keith or Natalie.
Missy Jaclyn

At tribal council,

Jaclyn decided to vote out…
Keith Nale

I was sad to see Keith go. I would have liked to have seen him win some money over Missy.

On day 39, the ladies wake up to the final feast.
final breakfast

At final tribal, the jury took it easy on the ladies.

And named Natalie the SOLE SURVIVOR!!!!
Natalie Anderson

Making Hooper the Sole Survivor of our fantasy league!!!

She won by a landslide. Check out the standings here – Survivor Fantasy League

I will leave you with an overview of some of our furry friends from this season.

Mantled Howler Monkey
Mantled Howler Monkey

Hoffmann’s Two-Toed Sloth
Hoffmann's Two-Toed Sloth

White-faced Capuchin
White-faced Capuchin

Mexican Porcupine
Mexican Porcupine

Last but not least, my favorite little guys from this season, the Common Opossum!!!!!
Common Opossum

If you want to see more of the animals of the island, click here.

Thanks for reading!  Until next season, stay warm!


Survivor Season 29, Episode 11: “It’s Just Like Cream Cheese”

This week on Survivor, Reed and Alec are pissed at Keith for blowing their plan at tribal.

Jon and Jaclyn get into a fight about who told Jon to play his idol first and who should get credit for it, Jaclyn or Natalie. Lovers Squirrels.
Jon Jaclyn

The reward challenge is all about how well the tribe knows each other. The winner gets to go horseback riding to a beautiful resort where they will enjoy some BBQ beef, BBQ chicken, brownies and a good night sleep.

They last one standing with his or her skull still in tact wins.

After Keith, Reed and Alec got their skull crushed, the “fab” 5 alliance started to chat about how the rest of the reward challenge should play out. Jeff isn’t pleased.

The “fab” 5 decide that Missy will win.

Missy decides to send Jon to exile and to take Baylor and Natalie with her on the reward.

And before they headed off to paradise, Reed had something to say to Baylor.


At Exile, Jon found the hidden immunity idol.

Meanwhile, Missy, Baylor and Natalie traveled to the resort via horse,
horseback riding

drank mimosas and ate some beef and brownies.

And back at camp, Alec flirted with Jaclyn.
Alec Jaclyn flirt

Alec’s thoughts on flirting….

Keith won the immunity challenge! Keith’s strategic game is nonexistent but if he can keep winning immunity challenges he may have a shot at making it to the final 3.

When Jon got back from exile, Jaclyn wanted to debrief him on the haps at camp but Jon just wanted to be hugged.

At tribal, Jaclyn and Jon were the swing vote once again. It’s between Missy and Reed…. The 10th person voted out and 4th member of the jury is….

Later Reed.
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 11.09.45 AM

On Day 30, Jeff welcomes the tribe to the reward challenge and lets them know that the winner will receive a spaghetti dinner in bed??? I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to eat spaghetti in bed. Sounds weird. Apparently Missy and Baylor think it is a great idea.


Missy and Baylor, sorry about your bad luck but Natalie won and decided she would rather share her bed with Jon and Jaclyn.

Jon, the sommelier wannabe, brags to Natalie about his knowledge of wine as he aggressively swirls

and swishes.

After her night in bed with the couple, Natalie talks to Baylor about blindsiding Jon.

But unfortunately for the ladies, Jon wins immunity.

On to plan B, Natalie plans to rig the vote so that Keith stays over Alec. But she doesn’t want to piss off her alliance.

At tribal council…. A rat stops by to say hi.

And Natalie sticks with her plan and votes to take out Alec! Nice move Natalie!!!! Alec was worthless.
Alec Christy

Her alliance is blindsided.

And Jon is not pleased.
Jon Misch

Later Alec! Hate to say it but you won’t be missed.
Alec Christy

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Survivor 29, Episode 10: “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit”

This week on Survivor…

Natalie misses Jeremy.

At the reward challenge Jeff informs the contestants that they will be playing for a chance to be ambassadors of goodwill for the day and deliver baseball gear to kids who love the sport but are in need of equipment.
kid baseball
They will also be enjoying some ballpark food…



And carmel corn!

They did a schoolyard pick for teams, which looked fair, NOT.

But to my surprise, the challenge was super close until Wes had to use a key to open the puzzle. #challengefail

And then Missy tried…

During the blue team key debacle, the yellow team dominated the puzzle and pulled away with the win!

Baylor ugly cried.

Reed gave up his reward to Missy.

Missy ugly cried.

And then they sent bitter Wes to Exile.

At the reward, the kids are super excited to see Missy, Jaclyn, Jon and Alec.

Other than this kid who wanted nothing to do with Missy.

And then they sat down and had a picnic while Jon fed the kids.
Survivor reward

This happened.

Back at camp, the losers split up. Reed tries to explain game play to Keith.

While Natalie and Baylor look for the idol.

At the immunity challenge, the contestants had to stand like this for as long as they could.

While Jeff tempted them with candy…

All Wes wanted was a donut burger…. OMG, this is a real thing!

John quits and takes the half eaten candy.
Jon immunity

Jaclyn & Baylor drop for some chocolate chip cookies and milk.
Cookies and Milk

Wes jumps off the cross for some wings and beer.

I am so glad you asked that Jeff.  I did a little research on the matter and here is what I found out.

  • Youngstown State University holds an annual Chick-Fil-A nugget eating contest in October. The contest takes place at 5a-7a in the morning! Weirdos.
  • Most of the annual nugget eating contests are rib nuggets, not chicken. Although I did come across this one from 2011.  Sadly, the annual challenge never took place or was not filmed in 2012.

Wes continues to entertain Jeff and brings up his cameo on Two and a Half Men. Wes’s favorite show.

Natalie spits on herself.
Natalie Anderson

And then drops off for this. I don’t blame her. Reed wasn’t budging.

Reed wins immunity.

Back at camp there was a lot of strategizing. Unfortunately, there was a lot of talk going on at tribal. 2 idols were played.

And Wes was voted out.

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Survivor Season 29, Episode 7 Recap: “Strip Search”

This week on Survivor…


Tree mail arrived!

It’s MERGE TIME!!!!!!


Which means these two can still date.

Never forget.

Everyone is super excited to make it to the merge.

They have a big family feast,

with lobster and wine!

Julie is annoyed by all of the lovers because she misses this….
John Rocker

When they get back to camp, Jeremy gets to work to secure his alliance which already includes Baylor, Natalie and Julie. He locks down Jon and Missy.

Well played Jeremy!

The tribe picks a new tribe name #huyopa. That’s creative…

Josh only has an alliance of 5 so he approaches his homegirl Baylor. But Baylor is distracted.

Baylor feels bad about backstabbing Josh.

But don’t worry, her mom sets her straight.

Josh realizes that Baylor is flaking on their alliance so he decides to approach Jon and Jaclyn. Which puts Jon and Jaclyn in the middle again.

Meanwhile, everyone is up in arms about the missing trail mix.

Jon takes it into his own hands to search Julie’s bag while she is tanning on the beach.
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.47.36 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.47.21 PM
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.47.11 PM

It’s time for the first individual immunity challenge!!

The goal is to keep your ball on the slab.

It comes down to Keith and Wes. Keith WINS!!!!!!!

Back at camp the lovers decide that they are going to jump ship and align themselves with Josh’s crew.

But none of this matters because Julie, hoarder of the trail mix, decides to quit the game.

Jeff sits the tribe down to give them the news.
Julie Quits

The only one that I feel bad for in this scenario is Keith since he won the individual immunity challenge this week.

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Have a great weekend!!!
cat love

Survivor Season 29, Episode 6: “My Skirt was Blown Up”

Last week on Survivor…..

Dale was sad that Kelley went home but wasn’t going to give up. He showed Jon his fake idol as a last ditch effort.
Dale Wentworth

Jeff pays Hunahpu a visit to discuss their rice situash…
Jeff Probst gif

Jeff has never seen a tribe that has been this screwed 14 days into the game…
Jeff Probst gif

In return for a bag of rice, the Hunahpu tribe has to give up their tarp, hammock, bed roll, pillows, blankets, candles, hatchet, hammer, one pot and their extra flint. Jeff takes it all..
Jeff Probst gif

And walked right into the ocean? Maybe Jeff is a Merman? Do you think he knows Eric Ducharme?
Eric Ducharme

At the battle, Jeff reveals what the tribes would be playing for –
Survivor gif

And then he asks them to choose their best competitor.

Reed WINS!

Baylor loses!

Natalie volunteers to go to Exile with Baylor
Natalie Anderson

Back at camp Reed and Josh hug it out.
Reed Josh

Jeremy is annoyed.

Hunahpu celebrates their win and digs into the Kabobs!!

At the immunity challenge, Baylor and Natalie return from Exile island. Baylor and her mom embrace and creepster Dale gets in on the action…
Creepy Dale

During the challenge, Coyopa had a good lead going into the puzzle. But not shockingly they blew it and Hunahpu pulled out the win AGAIN!!!
Josh Jeremy gif

Back at camp Dale tells Jon that if he is not voted out at tribal that he will give him his (fake) immunity idol.
Dale Jon idol

Missy is really concerned that if Dale has the idol, Keith will go home.

Don’t worry your little head Missy, Dale’s idol was fake and he went home.

Jon was a bit distracted during tribal. Do you think he knows who was voted out.
Jon Jaclyn

gag jim carrey

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Survivor Season 29, Episode 5: Dale Doesn’t Share Food

This week on Survivor….

After the shock of Drew being voted out at the last tribal wears off (maximum 10 seconds), Jeff has an announcement…
Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

And here are the new tribes!

Coyopa:  Keith, Kelley, Dale, Missy, Baylor, Jaclyn, Jon

Hunahpu: Alec, Jeremy, Reed, Wes, Josh, Julie, Natalie

Back at camp the old Coyopa members show up at Hunahpu’s camp and realize they are screwed…

And the old Hunahpu members that are now on the Coyopa tribe are absolutely thrilled, especially Jon.

Who is also thrilled to have Jaclyn on his tribe.
Jon Jaclyn

Enough making out. How about we check out the monkey’s on this island.

Back at Coyopa, Dale is not please about Missy’s rice intake.


Reed is so hungry, he is ready to kill a vulture with a rock…

At the challenge Coyopa really struggled to keep it together.

And Hunahpu crushed it and WON IMMUNITY!

Back at the losers camp…
Bob Biggest Loser

Oh sorry, wrong show.. It looks like Jon and Jaclyn have their pick of what couple they would like to continue playing the game with.
Jon Jaclyn

And at tribal Jon and Jaclyn voted out Kelley.

Here are the fantasy league standings! Survivor-10-22-14

Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Survivor Season 29, Episode 4: “Ladies Man”

This week on Survivor….

Jon made some adjustments to his outfit.

After last week’s #blindside, Julie was shocked.

But her tribe was ecstatic.

The two tribes will be playing for comfort
Reward Challenge

Or campfire food!


Josh and Jaclyn

And Smores!

Jon and Jaclyn battle it out in the arena and Jon pulls out the win!

Sending his lover to Exile.

With the self proclaimed ladies man, Drew.

You know what my definition of cute is? THIS.

At Exile, Drew is not looking to hook up with his buddies girl.

He would rather pretend he is Jeff Probst.

Too bad he will never come close to being as bad ass as Jeff Probst. (Sorry for the quality of this picture. It is the only one I could find)

Back at camp, Keith found the idol.

Drew and Jaclyn return from Exile

Where Drew told Jaclyn he was going to throw the challenge

Mission accomplished. Coyopa wins!
Coyopa Wins

Everyone on Hunahpu is scrambling. The men are all over the place. Jon wants Julie out.

Jeremy wants Keith out.

And Drew is gung-ho on getting rid of Kelley.

The girls decide to target Drew because he is super arrogant and annoying.

Mission accomplished. Later dude.

I will try to get this weeks blog post finished this weekend. Until then…..

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