Survivor Season 29, Episode 3: “You Look Like a Man”

This week on Survivor…

Drew let his team know how he feels about weaving.

At the battle, Jeremy is upset that Val was voted out and John didn’t protect his wife.

John apologizes to Jeremy and admits to his alliance that he was working with Val.

Jeff shows the tribes what they will be playing for.
Reward Challenge

Or they can trade it for the fishing gear that Hunahpu traded their flint for last week.

Wes takes on his dad Keith in the battle.

Coyopa finally pulls out a win thanks to Wes!!

Alec must have been┬ámodel on the “Potato Sack Couture” episode of Project Runway?
Tim Gunn

Wes sent Josh to Exile with his dad.

Coyopa takes the fishing gear!

At Exile Island, Josh and Jeremy decide to share the clue to the immunity idol.

Unfortunately, I think that is the only thing they will be sharing tonight ­čÖé

Before the immunity challenge, Keith and Josh return from Exile.

The immunity challenge comes down to the wire. Coyopa can’t catch a break and Hunahpu wins again!

Natalie runs her mouth to John.

And John returns the favor.

Back at camp, Wes tells Alec the plan to blindside John Rocker.

And the plan was well executed. John was blindsided.

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