Survivor Season 29, Episode 12: Spa Food Ain’t So Bad

Before we get started on the recap, I have to fill you in on a few things I found out last night while listening to Rob Cesternino’s podcasts from this past week.

1.) Tyson and Rachel are going to be on Marriage Bootcamp 2 along side Speidi and 3 other couples that I have never heard of before. The show is scheduled to air on WE tv in 2015. Yes, the WE channel. Tyson has hit a new low….

2.) Jon and Jaclyn recently got engaged! Click on the photo to see their full engagement shoot.
Jon and Jaclyn engagement

3.) Last but not least, on Alec’s interview with Rob, he revealed that his bro Drew was dating Kat Edorsson. But wait, Drew didn’t make it to the merge. How can she date him???? If you are interested to see who Kat is rubbing elbows within the reality tv world, check out her instagram page.
Drew and Kat

If you are interested in checking out Rob’s podcasts CLICK HERE).

Ok, now to the recap. This week on Survivor, Natalie had to do damage control when they got back to camp. She had to convince her alliance that she got the plan mixed up and accidentally voted to take out Alec instead of Keith.

Nice play Natalie, I think they bought it and in the meantime Jon was attacked by a monkey.
Jon Misch

At the reward challenge the tribe was broken up into two teams. Baylor, Natalie & Jaclyn vs. Keith, Missy and Jon. They are playing for a spa day! Showers, massages, steak & brownies!!!

During the challenge Missy twisted her ankle.
missy ankle

Which gave the ladies a big lead. Apparently the lead wasn’t big enough. They blew the puzzle and Jon, Missy and Keith wins reward!!!

Jon gave up his reward to Baylor and missed out on this.

and this.

and this.

Missy’s ankle injury is no joke.
MIssy ankle

Missy hobbled into the immunity challenge. Jeff called medical in.

Medical dude Ben thinks her foot is fractured but Missy says screw it she is here to win…

Unfortunately for Missy, she can’t compete in the immunity challenge.

Natalie and Jon are the last ones standing. AND just like that, the wind blows Jon’s torpedo looking pot over and Natalie WINS!!!! Woohooo!!

Back at camp, Natalie puts her plan into action. She approaches Missy about getting rid of Jon. But it doesn’t go so well.

At tribal Alec seems super interested…

The votes are split – 2 Keith, 2 Jaclyn and 2 Jon! Missy did it!!!!

The 11th person voted out and the 6th member of the jury is….
Jon Misch

And the crowd goes wild!!!!!!!
jon misch

Check out the standings – Survivor Fantasy League Scorecard Episode 12

This Wednesday is the season finale!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!


Survivor Season 29, Episode 4: “Ladies Man”

This week on Survivor….

Jon made some adjustments to his outfit.

After last week’s #blindside, Julie was shocked.

But her tribe was ecstatic.

The two tribes will be playing for comfort
Reward Challenge

Or campfire food!


Josh and Jaclyn

And Smores!

Jon and Jaclyn battle it out in the arena and Jon pulls out the win!

Sending his lover to Exile.

With the self proclaimed ladies man, Drew.

You know what my definition of cute is? THIS.

At Exile, Drew is not looking to hook up with his buddies girl.

He would rather pretend he is Jeff Probst.

Too bad he will never come close to being as bad ass as Jeff Probst. (Sorry for the quality of this picture. It is the only one I could find)

Back at camp, Keith found the idol.

Drew and Jaclyn return from Exile

Where Drew told Jaclyn he was going to throw the challenge

Mission accomplished. Coyopa wins!
Coyopa Wins

Everyone on Hunahpu is scrambling. The men are all over the place. Jon wants Julie out.

Jeremy wants Keith out.

And Drew is gung-ho on getting rid of Kelley.

The girls decide to target Drew because he is super arrogant and annoying.

Mission accomplished. Later dude.

I will try to get this weeks blog post finished this weekend. Until then…..

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