MTV The Challenge Battle of the Exes Episode 9: Good Riddance

Last weeks episode of The Challenge was the best episode of the season by far!

Wes is campaigning to get Leroy/Nia & Jordan/Sarah to throw the rookies into the next dome.

No deal.

This sparks a verbal altercation between Wes and Jordan…


Was that a joke?

After their feud, they get a text from TJ!


Probably not this.

Or this.

TJ welcomes everyone to the Dome!

These two seem thrilled.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.47.14 AM

TJ breaks the news.



Really Leroy…..

Let’s meet Zach and Jonna’s competition!

The challenge was super close. The teams had to tangle their rope around this metal box and then each team had to detangle their opponents rope.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.17.00 PM

The challenge was so close…

But in the end, the better man won!

Good riddance! I couldn’t watch Zach belittle Jonna for another second.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.57.36 PM

Back at the house, Bananas has convinced everyone to flip on Wes.

Leaving cry baby Theresa and Wes to fend for themselves.

They are on a downward spiral. They were the first ones out in the challenge.

And will automatically go into the dome. AGAINST….
Hurricane Nia

And Hurricane Nia is PISSED… And will destroy anyone or anything in her path. And it looks like Nany is the lucky winner.
Hurricane NIa

Nany has been waiting for this moment all season.


And so has Theresa!

This can’t end well…. I guess we will find out soon!


MTV The Challenge Battle of the Exes II, Episode 8: I AIN’T EVEN MAD

This week on The Challenge…

Sarah was stressing about her and Jordan’s relationship.

So she wrote him a letter and had Nia deliver it.
Nia The Challenge

The note worked!

The wonder twins live on!

Close call
close call

At the challenge, Jay and Jenna put Leroy and Nia up first.
Nia punk

And they crush it.

Per usual, Douche Zach yells at Jonna for absolutely no reason.

The wonder twins get their lines tangled.

Locking down their spot in the dome.

Leroy and Nia WIN!

And are power couple for the week!

Leroy dinner

Wes pulled his magic and convinced Leroy to throw Zach and Jonna into the Dome.

Wes is a genius when it comes to..

Leroy and Nia did exactly what Wes wanted.

“Leroy pulled the trigger, Leroy loaded the gun….”

This challenge was clearly made for Zach.

Jordan Cruising

Jordan and Sarah WIN!

Later Zach and Jonna.

Next week the 2 remaining exiled teams will battle it out in the Dome for a chance to make it back into the game.
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.00.23 PM

Find out who the final 2 teams are. Check out Battle of the Exiled, Bananas/Nany vs. Johnny/Avery HERE!!

Looking forward to next Tuesday!

The Challenge Battle of the Exes, Episode 7: TRIVIA!!!!!!

Episode 6 of the Challenge left us sitting on the edge of our seats…

In the dome, Johnny and Adam were neck and neck and were just about to jump off the top of their crates.

When this appeared on the screen….
To be coninued

Thanks a million MTV.
thumbsdown Chelsea Peretti

Episode 7 picks up right where episode 6 left off.
Jordan The Challenge

Adam goes down with his crates and Johnny and Avery win!
Johnny The Challenge

Sending Adam and Brittany to Exile.
Adam and Brittany The Challenge

And leaving Wes and Theresa beside themselves
Wes and Theresa The Challenge

It’s time for the Trivia challenge b*tches!!!!


Jenna is ready!

The contestants are wrapped up like burritos and hung 30 feet (?) above the quarry.
The Challenge

Who is credited as the creator of Facebook?


Avery, spell endorphins.

Leroy, what country is known as the land of the rising sun?


TJ is loving this!

Theresa, spell eroticism.

Jonna, how many cups in a gallon?


TJ Lavin

Jordan & Sarah and Jay & Jenna are the last teams hanging. Jay & Jenna try to make a deal and Jordan shuts them down.

Sarah, spell Diaphragm.
Sarah The Challenge

Which means JAY AND JENNA WIN! I am glad. I was really worried about her ill fitted helmet not protecting her dome piece.
Jenna helmet

Rather than throwing Sarah and Jordan into the dome against their besties Avery and Johnny, they strike a deal with them.

And decide to throw in Nia and Leroy.

In the dome, Nia and Leroy come out victorious!

Sending Johnny and Avery packing.
Johnny Avery

I am still waiting patiently to see who won the Exile battle between Johnny/Avery and Bananas/Nany……


MTV The Challenge, Episode 6: Blame it on the Sun

Last week on The Challenge….

Adam takes advice from Jay on how to pick up Avery at the bar.

Sorry about your bad luck Adam, Avery has a boyfriend?!?!?!?

She has been crying over this guy the whole season AND SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND??? That won’t last long…

At the challenge, the guys had to hold up 300 lbs of concrete while the women had to memorize the puzzle underneath.

And then they had to run up the mountain to recreate the puzzle.

They had to repeat the above until they solve the puzzle.

Wes feels like a piece of meat. “They are only using me for my….

Jordan gets frustrated with Sarah.

Your wish is my command.

Wes and Theresa win, AGAIN!

By the looks of Zach and Jonna’s board, they are the clear losers.

WRONG, Brittany and Adam lose.

At first I was super thrilled for these fools when they got pizza at the power couples dinner but after the 6th time I no longer care. But I do care about Theresa’s bright pink drink….
Power couple

Wes and Theresa decided to throw in Johnny and Avery because because of Johnny’s alliance with this dude.

At the Dome, the teams have to stack up crates, get on top of them and ring the bell. Seems simple, right?

Clearly this should give Avery and Johnny a huge advantage. But Johnny is the slowest…

This gives Adam and Brittany the opportunity to catch up. And the winner is….

To be coninued

I really hope Johnny and Avery win the dome and come back and terrorize Wes and Theresa.
girl brush

Fingers crossed!

MTV The Challenge Battle of the Exes 2: Episode 3

Last week on the Challenge, I cried….

And cried….

And cried….

What an emotional episode. Diem was a joy to watch over the years and will truly be missed. Especially by this guy.

Enough with the crying, let’s get to the challenge. The exes have to hold on for dear life…

Jenna Com

Since Jenna keeps talking about her modeling career, I felt the need to research this a bit. Here are a few of her best looks.

Jersey Shore

Broken zipper.

Senior picture


And last but not least, here is a behind the scenes video of her back to school photo shoot.

Ok, back to the challenge.  After the exes are thrown off the spinner, they have to swim around a bouy..

and back to shore.
Sarah Jordan

Simone and John are the losers and will automatically go into the dome.

And the winner is…..

At the power couple dinner
Power couple dinner

Sarah and Jordan inform both Wes and Bananas that they have their back.

I have a feeling that this plan is going to blow up in their face..

Sarah and Jordan want to see an “Are You The One” battle so they throw in Adam and Brittany.
TJ Lavin gif

I thought last weeks challenge was bad… Well this Dome is even worse. It is an eating challenge.
TJ Lavin

You are probably thinking they are going to eat bugs or something gross like in Battle of the Seasons.
Battle of the Seasons eating gif

Well, you are wrong. They have to eat BROWNIES!?!?!?!?!
Dreams can come true

What kind of challenge is this…..

Adam and Brittany win, sending Simone and John to Exile. If you are interested in the losers bracket, CLICK HERE to see who won the battle of the ex-iled.

Adam and Brittany celebrate their win by….

Looking forward to tomorrow nights episode!

Nany Gonzalez


MTV The Challenge, Battle of the Exes 2, Episode 2: Who is the President of Wyoming?

Last week on The Challenge, everyone let loose at the full moon party.
Full Moon Party

Zach hits on Jenna.
Zach and Jenna

Johnny has a talk with Nany.

Avery doesn’t approve.

Johnny and Nany don’t care.
Johnny Nany

Here is what shirtless CT thinks of Avery.
CT Shirtless

Meanwhile, Zach finally seals the deal.

The first part of the challenge was called suck and blow.

CT was excited to get his hands on Diem.

Second base, the second part of the challenge, was absolutely ridiculous.

This is the outcome of the third part.
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 1.49.57 PM

Last but not least, home base, the final part of the challenge.

Avery and Johnny lost and will automatically go into the dome.

Nany and Bananas Win!
Nany and Bananas

Whoever comes up with the challenges needs to go back to the drawing board.
ball in face

Nany and Bananas get pizza and champagne for their power couple dinner. Jealous!
Bananas Pizza

Bananas and Nany decide to have a conversation with Wes and Theresa. The conversation goes south and Theresa and Nany get into it.

Looks like she cares to me…

Nany calls Theresa an 8 year old girl, I wonder why…

All in all I think that went pretty well!

Nany ended up following Bananas lead and voted Hailey and Tom into the Dome.

Johnny and Avery figured out how to communicate and pull out the W.

Hailey and Tom head to Exile where they battle Jessica and Dustin in the most ridiculous challenge ever. If you want to know who wins, CLICK HERE!

After the Dome, Zach and Jenna talk politics.

Jonna is so jealous of Zach’s relationship with Jenna, she makes a move on Jay?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?!?


Have a great week!


MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II, Episode 1

The premiere of The Challenge was Tuesday night at 11pm which meant this old lady watched it Wednesday evening.  Oh how I missed this show and Johnny Bananas and Wes and TJ, and….  But you know who I didn’t miss? These guys…
Brittany are you the one
Adam are you the one
Simone are you the one
John are you the one

And you know who else didn’t miss them? The Vets.

Wes Bergmann

Let’s find out who is teamed up.

Jonna & Zach
Jonna Zach gif

Sarah & Jordan
Sarah Jordan Gif

Nany & Bananas
Nany Bananas gif

Theresa & Wes
Theresa Wes gif
Theresa and Wes

Avery & Johnny
Avery Johnny gif
Avery and Johnny

Nia & Leroy
Nia Leroy gif

Jemmye & Knight
Jemmye Knight

Jenna & Jay
Jenna Jay

Brittney & Adam

Dustin & Jessica
Dustin Jessica

Tom & Hailey
Tom Hailey

Simone & John

Diem & CT
CT Diem

TJ announces the “life changing” payout!

1st place wins $250,000!

Jay and Jenna are not impressed.

2nd place wins $75,000!

And 3rd place gets $30,000!

Clearly Wes needs the money more than anyone else.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff! Welcome to Panama bitches!

And who better to do the initial toast but Bananas.

I think Jemmye liked it.

How many vets does it take to open a bottle of win?
The Challenge

Jenna Hailey


The contestants travel on bus and PLANE…

To do this.
The Challenge

And this

I would be like..
Hell No

Johnny & Avery, Theresa & Wes, CT & Diem, and Hailey & Tom were the only teams to complete the challenge. Wes and Theresa finished it in the quickest time and win power couple!
Wes and Theresa Win

Adam and Brittany lose and are automatically thrown into the dome.

Theresa and Wes receive a “power couple dinner”
Power Couple Dinner

And they have to choose who they will vote into the dome against Adam and Brittany.

Wes is like….
Go big

And Theresa’s like…

So Wes throws in Dustin and Jessica.
Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.11.49 AM

But Jessica and Dustin make a huge mistake.

And Adam and Brittany win!

Wes and Theresa are thrilled.

But don’t cheer too loud. The Challenge producers took a page out of Survivors book and Jessica and Dustin were sent to Exile.

In 12 hours we will find out who joins Dustin and Jessica in the Exile house. Until then, have a great day!