The Bachelor Fantasy League Results Episode 5

It’s MONDAY! And you know what that means rose lovers…. The Bachelor “To Be Continued” episode is on at 8!!!!  Between “love my story” Kelsey and the return of drunk tank Jordan, last week was clearly the most dramatic episode in franchise history.
Taylor Swift Rose

Not only was the it the most dramatic but it was the most cringeworthy.

I am looking forward to tonight’s episode and finding out what Dr. Diane has to say about Kelsey’s medical problem.
Panic Attack

The Bachelor Episode 5, Fantasy League Results

I will be blogging tonight’s episode so these fools better bring it.


ABC The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 3: “YOLO”

This week on The Bachelor…

Co-host Jimmy Kimmel welcomes the ladies.

Kelsey Whitney
Jillian Britt

Kaitlyn gets the first date card!

They travel by limo to….

Where Jimmy sends them on a shopping spree.

To get items for dinner.

In your face lady, they’re getting steaks.
Steak Ketchup

And then this happened.

Chris joins her..

They roll around…

And make out.
Makeout ball

After their exciting trip to Costco, Kaitlyn and Chris prepare dinner for Jimmy Kimmel. IN A TOASTER OVEN.

Once Jimmy gets there Chris fires up the grill…

At dinner, Jimmy gets right to it and asks Kaitlyn if she would be angry at Chris for making sweet sweet love to 3 ladies in the fantasy suite, herself included?
Jimmy Kimmel

Chris locks it down and gives Kaitlyn the rose.
Kaitlyn rose

Back at the house, the group date card arrives.
date card

Looks like Jordan, I mean Megan, has been hitting the sauce.

The girls compete in the hoedown throwdown.

The competition start off with some corn shucking.
corn shucking

Next up, the chicken pen, where the girls need to collect an egg and crack it without breaking it.

On to the goat pen.

Where the girls have to milk a goat

and chug the milk.
Chug it

Jillian takes the lead heading into the pig pen.

But Carly snatches a pig first and WINS.
Carly pig

Wait, wins what?

That night Chris kisses a bunch of girls and gives the group date rose to the one girl that didn’t give it up, Becca.

Back at the house, the next date card arrives!

Chris and Whitney head to..
Saddle Rock

While they are having a lovely picnic in the vineyard, they spot a wedding.

Whitney thinks they should crash it.

And off they go.

I am 100% sure production set this up.
George Bush Meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

After they pop their wedding crasher cherry, Chris gives Whit the rose. Can I call her Whit?
Whitney Rose

Instead of a cocktail party, the ladies and Chris are going to have a pool party!

Party Time!

Or not. Juelia with an E pulls Chris aside to talk about her ex that committed suicide.

That conversation was a little too heavy for an afternoon pool party.
debbie downer

Jade asks Chris to see his place.

Ashley I is upset she hasn’t had any alone time.

I think she has also had a few drinks.

She finally gets Chris alone and almost tosses him over the edge in the throws of passion..
Ahsley I

At the rose ceremony, Amber, Tracy and Trina get sent home.

If anyone in this group is going to be Sister Wives, it is going to be these two.
Jillian and Britt love
Jillian Britt

Until next time!

The Bachelor Reality Fantasy League Standings

ABC The Bachelor Season 19, Episode 2: “Do you believe in aliens?”

This week on the Bachelor…

Kimberly, who was voted out at the rose ceremony, couldn’t take no for an answer. She returned to the house to beg for a second chance.

Kaitlyn isn’t too pleased with this move.

Too bad Chris doesn’t see it that way. Kimberly stays.

At this point, the sun has come up and all of the ladies are chillin on the floor.

After the ladies got some “beauty” rest, Chris welcomes them to The Bachelor Mansion.
Chris Harrison

And gives them the first date card.

Chris and his deep V are ready for his first group date!
Chris Soules

The date card said “Show me your country”

Yes. She. Is. Her blog is called Duchess Kimberly.
Duchess of Kimberly

The date kicks off with a pool party!

Meanwhile back at the mansion, Megan and Jillian sneak over to Chris’s house.

Is Jillian even wearing pants?

I am pretty sure Megan is day drunk.

Back to the date. The pool party has moved into the streets of LA.

Where the ladies are about to embark on their first tractor race.

Ashely wins the race and gets some alone time with Chris.

After his tractor ride with Ashley, Chris asks Mackenzie to spend the second half of the date with him.


Who doesn’t? Mackenzie gets the rose.

Megan gets the first one-on-one date.


They traveled by private jet.
private jet

And by helicopter.

To have a picnic in the middle of the grand canyon.

Megan got the rose!

The next date card arrives.
Date card

Who is this girl? Oh wait, it is Jillian, without her face on.

On the group date the girl arrive at their destination. Looks romantic.

Apparently Chris believes in Aliens AND Zombies.

He takes the women to play paintball.
The bachelor

After the girls kill Zombies they sit down for a chat..  You really need to see this for yourself.  Gifs just won’t do it justice.

After crazy leaves Chris to talk to her furry friend, Chris gives Britt a gift.

But he gives Kaitlyn the rose.
Kaitlyn Rose

In your face Britt!

At the cocktail party, Whitney gives Chris a bottle of his favorite whiskey.
Whitney Whiskey

Ashley I. tells Mackenzie and Megan that she is a virgin.
Ashley I.

Virgin my ass.
Ashley I. Chris Soules

Jordan is drunk.

OK, time for the rose ceremony.

ASHLEY S. GETS A ROSE! Big thanks to the producers!
Ashley S.

Alissa, Jordan, Tara, Tandra and Kimberly were sent home.


Monday night can’t come soon enough!

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ABC The Bachelor Season Premiere: #SoulesMates

Last night, The Bachelor premiere was 3 (unnecessary) hours long. I am pretty sure we could have done without the “red carpet
Live Red Carpet

or the live audience.
Chris Harrison
Live audience

The only good thing that came out of it was when Michelle outed Brit, the long hugger, for not showering. Michelle Money is by far my favorite former Bachelorette.  I am still mourning her and Cody’s relationship.

Cody Sattler Chris Soules gif

Here are my thoughts after watching this train wreck of premiere….

Top 5 List!!

Long hugger Brit








Producers Picks:

Tara, aka the Beav.

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 1.32.30 PM



Tara gif

Can someone tell me what her tattoo says?
Tara Tattoo

Ashley S.


Wild Card: Kaitlyn


Fantasy League Draft Results:




Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 4.17.00 PM






Ashley S.





James: Gets the unchosen one due to his lack of commitment to the show.

Makenzie's Son

I am looking forward to this season with Prince Farming! Hopefully he pulls it together enough to find love.

If you haven’t listened to or watched Juliet Litman interview Prince Farming, here it is.  Hear what he has to say about his time on the show.

Looking forward to lots of tears on the most dramatic season ever!!  See you next week rose lovers!!!!!
Chris Harrison GQ
Chris Harrison Roses

ABC The Bachelor, Chris Soules

Between the season finale of Survivor, the recently released trailer for The Challenge and the upcoming season of The Bachelor, I have been a busy blogger. I am not sure if I am going to research the ladies of The Bachelor this season. I am nervous that I will see spoilers.

Chris Soules

The Bachelor is scheduled to premiere on January 5th!!!! Here are some of the promos featuring “Prince Farming”

The Bachelor Finale: “I Wish The Earth Sucked Me Today”

Welcome Rose Lovers!

The season finale of The Bachelor aired on Monday night.  Some people thought this was the best season, some people thought this was the worst season, but we can all agree that this was the most dramatic season finale ever.

As most of you know, I was on team Nikki.  She was my first draft pick and I have been cheering for her since day one.

Juan Pablo’s family, and of course, his cousin, were waiting for him at the Hibiscus House in St. Lucia when he arrived.

Clare finally got to meet Camilla.

She met his mom, who thinks her son is rude.

She met his cousin who thinks she is an angel.

And then she jumped in a minivan and went back to her side of the island.

Nikki shows up in the same minivan as Clare did, with her tat hanging out, AGAIN.  She has some one on one time with his dad, his mom and of course his cuz.  His cousin informed Nikki that Juan has a tendency to run when things get bad.  Nikki doesn’t care.

Nikki leaves in the minivan.

On their final date, Juan takes Clare on a helicopter ride.

And whispers something disturbing into her ear.

Which made Clare question Juan Pablo’s intentions.

So she denied him Besitos and they had a “serious” talk.

Don’t worry, by the end of the date, they were singing and making out again.

Juan takes Nikki on a yacht and to a private island on their last date.

Nikki gave Juan Pablo a picture of them riding on a horse and wrote him a love letter.

Juan Pablo says “thank you, see you tomorrow”. Nikki cries.

Clare arrives at the final rose ceremony first and we all know what that means. Clare is going home.

Juan says “I wish the earth sucked me today” and then dumps Clare.

As Clare was leaving she turned around and said “I would never want my children to have a father like you”

And then Clare revealed what Juan Pablo whispered to her in the helicopter on their final date….

Nikki arrives on a mission.

She can’t wait to hear Juan Pablo say that he loves her. But instead he tells her that he likes her a lot.

Nikki “essepts” Juan’s final rose.

I won!!!!!
Happy jumping

The End.


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