The Bachelor S20, Episode 2: Haters Gonna Hate

Well Ladies, I have decided to blog episode 2 of The Bachelor!grammadance

I can not promise that I will ever post again but I felt the need to highlight a few memorable moments.

Chris Harrison showed up in this getup.
Chris Harrison
Jubilee Sharpe
Lauren Himle

And announced that the there would be a friendly competition to win extra time with Ben.. The science portion of the competition was interesting…

Geography was up next. Indiana anyone?

They also played a round of b-ball and then Mandi and Amber raced to the finish line to see who would be Ben’s homecoming queen.
Don't care

Mandi won.

In the meantime, back at the sorority house. The date card arrived.

Did someone say date card??

And the one on one date goes to…


Olivia real mad

That went well….   Back at the cocktail party, Ben was getting busy.
Jennifer The Bachelor
Jubilee Bachelor
JoJo The Bachelor

And JoJo gets the rose on the group date.
JoJo Rose

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart showed up to promote their movie.
no one cares

And to accompany Caila and Ben on the first portion of their date.
Kevin Hart

Their date was boring. At the end, Caila got the rose. Note, all of the food on their plate.
Caila Bachelor

And again when they are leaving.

Do you think they hit up craft service instead?

Moving on to the next group date.


The girls showed up at the “Love Lab” where Dr. Love tested their compatibility with Ben.
Ben Bachelor

This date was the most awkward date that I have ever been on.
Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 3.53.50 PM

And I refuse to watch it again.sorry-not-sorry-gif

Olivia Won.

And then she won the group rose.
Group rose

Needless to say…..
Taylor Swift Haters

At the rose ceremony, LB was miserable and ended up pulling herself from the competition.
LB The Bachelor

Sorry Ben!
Not here for that
The End



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