Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart, Episode 4: The Professional Whistler

Due to other commitments, I will not be writing a recap on Episode 4 of Survivor. Sorry folks!

But I did find this video for you….

Here is the Survivor Worlds Apart Fantasy League Scorecard for Episode 4.

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The Bachelor Season 19 Season Finale Recap!! 800 Acres = 1.5 Square Miles

On the season finale of The Bachelor, the ladies visit Chris’s family in Arlington!

Luckily for the ladies, they are staying an hour away at Hotel Julien in Dubuque.
Hotel Julien

Whitney is up first.

Whitney loves Chris, she loves his mom, she loves his sisters, she loves his dad, she probably loves the smell of his poop too…

There really isn’t anything else to report back from Whitney’s time in Arlington.

After Whitney leaves, Jason, the bro-in-law, drops some knowledge on Chris.

But Chris could have them both, couldn’t he?

The bro-in-laws agree!  Polygamy it is!!

Becca is up next!


I mean…. If I was going to meet my future in-laws I might button an extra button on my shirt…. Just sayin’
Becca button

This was real cute….
Chris Soules

It looks like Becca and Whitney scored the same seat at the dinner table.

Becca was very honest with Chris’s family.
NOt interested

Later that night, Chris went to Becca’s hotel suite and asked her some hard questions.  But unfortunately…

Chris and Whitney meet at Chris’s farm before they go on their final date.
Soules farm

Oh wait, this is their final date… Harvesting corn!

Harvesting Corn

With Chris’s dad!
Chris Soules Dad


Oh wait, wrong season… Whitney is not on a beautiful island. She is in Arlington. If you are interested, here are some facts about Iowa’s corn production.
Iowa Corn

After chucking down some corn, they head to Chris’s abode to lay by the fire.
Fire chillin

The romance continues as they travel an hour to Whitney’s Hotel room to have their final make out session.
Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.29.11 PM

After his time with Whitney he meets the man of his dreams, Neil Lane.
Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 8.34.36 PM

To pick out a ring for the love of his life. Who will it be…. Becca, who may be stoned…

Or Whitney????

I guess we are about to find out. It is all happening IN THIS BARN….
barn love

Ummm, every girl who goes on The Bachelor most likely dreams of getting proposed to in a barn, with no heat, right? WRONG!!! I am pretty sure they had something a little more luxurious in mind…..

Like Barbados!
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.26.08 PM

Or maybe Tahiti?
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.24.44 PM

Fiji wouldn’t be bad..
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 4.24.08 PM

Antigua! I could do that.
Chris and Des


Actually it wouldn’t matter to me where I got engaged just so it wasn’t 30 below…

Whitney wins, antifun robot Becca loses, and…

The END.

Click on the link below to download the fantasy league scorecard for season 19!!

The Bachelor Season 19 Fantasy League Scorecard

Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart, Episode 3: “Life Altering 8 Days”

Going into episode 3 I was still bummed out that my man Vince was voted out.
VInce Sly

Until Shirin got super excited about monkey sex and made me forget all about the coconut vendor.

monkey balls

At the No Collar camp, Jen and Hali decide to go surfing.

I bet I know what her first passion is?

Blue Collar is having a way different experience than No Collar. Mike and Rodney get into a verbal altercation over Robdney’s work ethic.
Nobody cares

At the challenge, Joe sidelines Nina from participating.

Costing them the challenge….

Blue Collar wins!

And they win big on comfort!

And White Collar comes in second.

Scoring a tarp!

Back at the No Collar camp, Joe apologizes to Nina for sidelining her.

Jen is so compassionate.

At Tribal, Nina’s game came to an end.

Survivor Fantasy League Scorecard, Episode 3

I will leave you with this piece of information that was revealed on the Rob has a Podcast exit interview with So Kim. SHE IS DATING MALCOLM!!!!!!!
Malcolm So Kim

MTV The Challenge Battle of the Exes Episode 9: Good Riddance

Last weeks episode of The Challenge was the best episode of the season by far!

Wes is campaigning to get Leroy/Nia & Jordan/Sarah to throw the rookies into the next dome.

No deal.

This sparks a verbal altercation between Wes and Jordan…


Was that a joke?

After their feud, they get a text from TJ!


Probably not this.

Or this.

TJ welcomes everyone to the Dome!

These two seem thrilled.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.47.14 AM

TJ breaks the news.



Really Leroy…..

Let’s meet Zach and Jonna’s competition!

The challenge was super close. The teams had to tangle their rope around this metal box and then each team had to detangle their opponents rope.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.17.00 PM

The challenge was so close…

But in the end, the better man won!

Good riddance! I couldn’t watch Zach belittle Jonna for another second.
Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.57.36 PM

Back at the house, Bananas has convinced everyone to flip on Wes.

Leaving cry baby Theresa and Wes to fend for themselves.

They are on a downward spiral. They were the first ones out in the challenge.

And will automatically go into the dome. AGAINST….
Hurricane Nia

And Hurricane Nia is PISSED… And will destroy anyone or anything in her path. And it looks like Nany is the lucky winner.
Hurricane NIa

Nany has been waiting for this moment all season.


And so has Theresa!

This can’t end well…. I guess we will find out soon!

Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart, Episode 1: “Cherilyn”

Episode 1 of Survivor Worlds Apart did not disappoint. We have some big personalities this season.

White Collar.



No Collar.


Blue Collar.


Jeff opens up the premiere in the middle of the ocean….

And then teleports himself to the beach.

To greet the new castaways!
Tribes arrive

Jeff asks each tribe to choose 2 people to represent their tribe
Joaquin & So
Dan & MikeJen & Will

The chosen ones have to choose between honesty (which gets them a “large” bag of beans) and deceit (which will get them a clue to the hidden immunity idol).

The Blue Collar & No Collar tribe members chose honesty!
thumbs up

And the White Collar chose deceit.
bad decision

And attempted to lie to the other members of their tribe.

And no one believed them.
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.54.11 PM

At the Blue Collar camp, Mike wanted some protein and decided to eat a scorpion.

That didn’t work out..

I’m not sure why he threw up, he blew the sand off of it?!?!??!

Vince and Jen went to get water and Vince got really real with her.

I am sure Jen could figure out a way to break that bond.
restraining order

And then he sniffs her…. Classic Vince.

Over at the Blue Collar camp, Dan is starting to get under peoples skin so he decides to take a walk with Mike…. And bares it all…

At No Collar, Jen is crushing on Joe

Don’t worry, Vince gets to the bottom of it…


After Jen deflects the crazy, Vince goes in for the kill..

And then he hugs her for :15 seconds… :14 seconds too long…

At White Collar, So & Joaquin head out to find the idol. But Carolyn is onto them and beats them to it.
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 4.14.12 PM

At the immunity challenge Jeff reveals the Immunity Idol.
Immunity Idol

In addition to the immunity idol the tribes are playing for a massive fire making kit.
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 4.20.10 PM

The challenge started off with a bang…
Immunity Challenge
Immunity Challenge

Going into the puzzle No Collar and White collar were neck and neck. But White Collar chose the wrong puzzle or puzzle person…

And No Collar pulled out the win!
No Collar

Blue Collar came from behind and took second place.
Blue Collar

That means White Collar is going to tribal.
you lose

Jeff welcomes the White Collar tribe to their first tribal.

So and Carolyn are both on the chopping block and get into a verbal altercation with one another. CATFIGHT!!

Jeff asks Max how he is feeling before the vote. Max thanks the Survivor gods for giving him exactly what he wanted.

Max Dawson

So gets voted out.
So Kim

That means Cherilyn stays! I mean Carolyn…

Here are the fantasy league draft results:
Allison: Vince & Rodney
James: Max & Lindsey
Hooper: Kelly & Dan
Heater: Joe & Shirin
Shorty: Joaquin & So Kim
Paul: Sierra & Tyler
Nicole: Carolyn & Jen
Jwill: Hali & Mike
Mike & Wife: Will & Nina

Survivor Fantasy Scorecard Episode 1: This, along with the episode 2 scorecard, will be posted this weekend. Stay tuned.

Enjoy tomorrow nights episode! Looking forward to it!

Here are a few of my favorite vote misspellings….
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.28.45 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.36.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.33.46 PM

And last but not least, my all time fave!

And I will leave you with this gem…..