Survivor Season 29, Episode 5: Dale Doesn’t Share Food

This week on Survivor….

After the shock of Drew being voted out at the last tribal wears off (maximum 10 seconds), Jeff has an announcement…
Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

And here are the new tribes!

Coyopa:  Keith, Kelley, Dale, Missy, Baylor, Jaclyn, Jon

Hunahpu: Alec, Jeremy, Reed, Wes, Josh, Julie, Natalie

Back at camp the old Coyopa members show up at Hunahpu’s camp and realize they are screwed…

And the old Hunahpu members that are now on the Coyopa tribe are absolutely thrilled, especially Jon.

Who is also thrilled to have Jaclyn on his tribe.
Jon Jaclyn

Enough making out. How about we check out the monkey’s on this island.

Back at Coyopa, Dale is not please about Missy’s rice intake.


Reed is so hungry, he is ready to kill a vulture with a rock…

At the challenge Coyopa really struggled to keep it together.

And Hunahpu crushed it and WON IMMUNITY!

Back at the losers camp…
Bob Biggest Loser

Oh sorry, wrong show.. It looks like Jon and Jaclyn have their pick of what couple they would like to continue playing the game with.
Jon Jaclyn

And at tribal Jon and Jaclyn voted out Kelley.

Here are the fantasy league standings! Survivor-10-22-14

Have a great weekend ya’ll!



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