Survivor Season 29, Episodes 2: “Chokehold”

This week on Survivor (10/1/14)….

Reed Kelly

At the Battle, Natalie realizes her twinsie was voted out.

John and Julie go head to head.

Julie wins!

John goes to Exile. And Jeremy is chosen to go with him.
John Rocker

At Exile, the two men get to choose an urn. John Rocker’s note is blank.

Jeremy gets the immunity clue.

Jeremy shares his clue with John Rocker and asks him to take care of his wife Val.

At the immunity challenge, John and Jeremy return from Exile.

John gets beat by Jon.

Baylor gets hit in the face by her mom.

Baylor Wilson

and John Rocker screams from the sideline…

Golden Girls

Hunahpu wins again!

And John does this.

Back at camp, John Rocker finds the hidden immunity idol.

Before tribal council, Val tells John that she has 2 idols. This is a lie….

And this lie got you voted out. Later Val.

The End.

Survivor Fantasy League Scorecard: 10/1 & 10/8



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