Survivor Season 29, Episode 5: Dale Doesn’t Share Food

This week on Survivor….

After the shock of Drew being voted out at the last tribal wears off (maximum 10 seconds), Jeff has an announcement…
Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst

And here are the new tribes!

Coyopa:  Keith, Kelley, Dale, Missy, Baylor, Jaclyn, Jon

Hunahpu: Alec, Jeremy, Reed, Wes, Josh, Julie, Natalie

Back at camp the old Coyopa members show up at Hunahpu’s camp and realize they are screwed…

And the old Hunahpu members that are now on the Coyopa tribe are absolutely thrilled, especially Jon.

Who is also thrilled to have Jaclyn on his tribe.
Jon Jaclyn

Enough making out. How about we check out the monkey’s on this island.

Back at Coyopa, Dale is not please about Missy’s rice intake.


Reed is so hungry, he is ready to kill a vulture with a rock…

At the challenge Coyopa really struggled to keep it together.

And Hunahpu crushed it and WON IMMUNITY!

Back at the losers camp…
Bob Biggest Loser

Oh sorry, wrong show.. It looks like Jon and Jaclyn have their pick of what couple they would like to continue playing the game with.
Jon Jaclyn

And at tribal Jon and Jaclyn voted out Kelley.

Here are the fantasy league standings! Survivor-10-22-14

Have a great weekend ya’ll!


Survivor Season 29, Episode 4: “Ladies Man”

This week on Survivor….

Jon made some adjustments to his outfit.

After last week’s #blindside, Julie was shocked.

But her tribe was ecstatic.

The two tribes will be playing for comfort
Reward Challenge

Or campfire food!


Josh and Jaclyn

And Smores!

Jon and Jaclyn battle it out in the arena and Jon pulls out the win!

Sending his lover to Exile.

With the self proclaimed ladies man, Drew.

You know what my definition of cute is? THIS.

At Exile, Drew is not looking to hook up with his buddies girl.

He would rather pretend he is Jeff Probst.

Too bad he will never come close to being as bad ass as Jeff Probst. (Sorry for the quality of this picture. It is the only one I could find)

Back at camp, Keith found the idol.

Drew and Jaclyn return from Exile

Where Drew told Jaclyn he was going to throw the challenge

Mission accomplished. Coyopa wins!
Coyopa Wins

Everyone on Hunahpu is scrambling. The men are all over the place. Jon wants Julie out.

Jeremy wants Keith out.

And Drew is gung-ho on getting rid of Kelley.

The girls decide to target Drew because he is super arrogant and annoying.

Mission accomplished. Later dude.

I will try to get this weeks blog post finished this weekend. Until then…..

Check out the standings here Survivor-10-15-14

MTV The Challenge, Battle of the Exes 2 ~ Meet the Cast

This is not confirmed yet, but here is who has been rumored to be on the next season of The Challenge, Battle of the Exes II.



Johnny Bananas Nany



Hurricane Nia/Leroy
leroy garrett


Averey/Johnny R 



Jemmye/Knight – Mortuusequusphobia ~ the fear of ketchup.


There is also a rumor that MTV will be adding 2 couples from one of their other shows.


Here is who will be missed this season….


Cara Maria


And I am really really sad that Devyn won’t be making an appearance.

And of course, Tamara….

Survivor Season 29, Episode 3: “You Look Like a Man”

This week on Survivor…

Drew let his team know how he feels about weaving.

At the battle, Jeremy is upset that Val was voted out and John didn’t protect his wife.

John apologizes to Jeremy and admits to his alliance that he was working with Val.

Jeff shows the tribes what they will be playing for.
Reward Challenge

Or they can trade it for the fishing gear that Hunahpu traded their flint for last week.

Wes takes on his dad Keith in the battle.

Coyopa finally pulls out a win thanks to Wes!!

Alec must have been model on the “Potato Sack Couture” episode of Project Runway?
Tim Gunn

Wes sent Josh to Exile with his dad.

Coyopa takes the fishing gear!

At Exile Island, Josh and Jeremy decide to share the clue to the immunity idol.

Unfortunately, I think that is the only thing they will be sharing tonight 🙂

Before the immunity challenge, Keith and Josh return from Exile.

The immunity challenge comes down to the wire. Coyopa can’t catch a break and Hunahpu wins again!

Natalie runs her mouth to John.

And John returns the favor.

Back at camp, Wes tells Alec the plan to blindside John Rocker.

And the plan was well executed. John was blindsided.

Click here to see the standings ~ Survivor Fantasy League Scorecard 10/1 & 10/8

Have a great week!!!!
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks Treadmill
aTom Hanks
Tom Hanks Puppy

Survivor Season 29, Episodes 2: “Chokehold”

This week on Survivor (10/1/14)….

Reed Kelly

At the Battle, Natalie realizes her twinsie was voted out.

John and Julie go head to head.

Julie wins!

John goes to Exile. And Jeremy is chosen to go with him.
John Rocker

At Exile, the two men get to choose an urn. John Rocker’s note is blank.

Jeremy gets the immunity clue.

Jeremy shares his clue with John Rocker and asks him to take care of his wife Val.

At the immunity challenge, John and Jeremy return from Exile.

John gets beat by Jon.

Baylor gets hit in the face by her mom.

Baylor Wilson

and John Rocker screams from the sideline…

Golden Girls

Hunahpu wins again!

And John does this.

Back at camp, John Rocker finds the hidden immunity idol.

Before tribal council, Val tells John that she has 2 idols. This is a lie….

And this lie got you voted out. Later Val.

The End.

Survivor Fantasy League Scorecard: 10/1 & 10/8

Survivor Season 29, Episode 1: Badabing badaboom!

Do you know how you feel after your fantasy football draft is over? Well that is exactly how I felt after this seasons Survivor fantasy league draft ended.

Jeff Probst is the best reality host of all time. And this is why.

Right out of the gate, Wes and Keith lost their striker and couldn’t make fire…

Jeff greets the survivors (and the bees) in the battle ring.

Reed settle down, Jeff Probst is not Clay Aiken.

clay aiken

Say goodbye to your lovers/loved ones ya’ll, it is time to split up into tribes.
Reed Josh
Kelley Jon

Coyopa Triba

Hunahpu Tribe

Keith realized that John Rocker, the old school relief pitcher for the braves was in the house.

It’s time for the reward challenge. One player from each team will compete. Jeremy nominates himself.

And then Jeff reveals the twist. This season 2 loved ones will go head to head in the rewards challenge. One will win the reward for their team and the other one will go to Exile island.

Val and Jeremy are the first couple to go head to head.
Val Jeremy

Jeremy wins!

He sheds a tear.

And then sends Keith with his wife to Exile Island.

Back at Hunahpu Jeremy starts making alliances

Missy had some words of wisdom to share “Being married and divorced as many times as I have, I learned that you have to listen to your gut” “My gut tells me that Jeremy is good”

At Coyopa things were about to get real.

Dale went to get water and found an “emblem” that might be useful in the game.

While the young people are trying to get fire

Dale breaks his glasses in half and makes fire.
Dale Fire

Let’s check in on Exile.
Exile Island


Val’s urn had a clue to the immunity idol

And Dale’s had a blank piece of paper…

At the Coyopa camp, Wes calls John Rocker out and let’s him know he knows who he is. And Why is Wes doing all of the leg work here? Yo John, you are a large man, help the kid out.
JOhn Rocker

Josh has a problem…

And so does Jon

At the Immunity Challenge, Val and Keith return from Exile.

John Rocker launches people up the wall and Coyopa is in the lead going into the puzzle

But Coyopa can’t hold onto the lead and Hunahpu wins immuntiy!

I hope Jon isn’t getting Josh’s disease?!?!?!

At the losers camp, Dale approaches the men about voting out Nadiya because she was on the Amazing Race and he knows her game.

Nadiya approaches Josh about teaming up. She tells him she thinks of him as one of the girls.

In the meantime, this happened.

Val talks to the ladies about having an all girl alliance and voting Dale out.

At tribal the Coyopa Tribe gets fire.

Wes points out that Josh is the go to guy on the tribe and Nadiya has to throw her 2 cents in by saying Josh has the advantage to go in between the…

“The fact that he is gay helps me. I am obviously never going to consider a straight guy a girlfriend”

Fire represents life. When your fire is gone, so are you ~ Jeff Probst

Check out the fantasy league standings here – Fantasy League Scorecard 9/24

Instead of watching Survivor tonight, i will be at the Pirates wild card game!!!!

If they win they will play the nationals in the playoffs!!!

Have a great week!