The Challenge Free Agents, Episode 6: Australians Speak Dutch?

It’s time for the Trivia Challenge Beotches!!!!  TJ Lavin couldn’t be more thrilled!!!  Let’s get right to it!!!!!

Johnny, what is the official language spoken in Australia?

Zach, in fairy tales, who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and slept for one hundred years. “Sleeping Beauty”

Here are a few more things that happened in the men’s Trivia round….

Jordan showboating


Swift and Zach were the last men “standing”…

Sorry Swift, you lose!

Zach wins for the guys!!!!
Zach Wins

Camila, what is the longest bone in the body? Thigh bone? WRONG.

Cara Maria, what continent does the USA belong to?

Aneesa gets one wrong, TJ thinks this is the funniest thing that happened since sliced bread.

Jona, what gossip girl actress did actor Ryan Reynolds marry last year.

Devyn, in what year did MTV premiere?

Devyn wins for the ladies!!!!

Before deliberation Laurel pulls a “gangster move” and shows Devyn how low she is on her execution list (5th to be exact). This has Devyn rethinking her next move.

Devyn showed up to deliberation in this

Zach and Devyn throw Theresa and Swift into the elimination round

Camila and Jordan pull the kill card

Jordan beats Swift

And Theresa sends Camila packing

Here is a photo of CT from Rivals 2.  You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge Free Agents, Episode 6: Australians Speak Dutch?

  1. I know I’m a day late and a dollar short but this is one of the funniest challenge recap blogs I’ve ever seen. #loveIt -yes this is the real Devyn (Tamara would’ve been proud)


    • WOW! And here I thought the only people reading my blog were my closest friends. Thanks for making my day!! I guess I should finish my Challenge finale post now….. #procrastination



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