The Bachelorette, Episode 2: “Stop it”

A toast to the so called 19 luckiest guys in the world!!
The Luckiest

Chris Harrison

Out of respect for Eric and his family, I am skipping the first one-on-one date and getting right to the group date!!!! I hope “ya’ll” are good with that. I know Cody is.

Tacos reads the date card and rattles off the names of the men that are going on the group date. Craig makes the cut.

And so does his boy Nick S.

Nick V, Andrew and JJ don’t make the cut. JJ is sad he won’t be able to show off his new pants.

Don’t fret JJ, it looks like the men won’t be wearing pants on this date.
Date card

Don’t worry though, it is for charity

And THIS guy will be your teacher. And no, it is not Nick Lachey.

Tacos loves the attention and even practices this move in the mirror at home?!?!?!?!?!?

Craig is in love with Josh…

And Cody is in love with himself…

Ok, let’s get to the show…


Even Chris Harrison got into it

Brian hopes his students are proud of him. Don’t worry, if they aren’t, this woman sure is….

All of the ladies loved Marcus

And then things got really weird…

Look at all the cash money that they made for charity

Craig sets the stage for the second half of the group date

and confesses his love for Josh to the men.

The guys think he may have had a few too many…

The next date card arrives
Date card

Back at the mansion Craig reallly wants to get to know Andi, he wants to find out what she is??? I am pretty sure she is a human Craig. Unless she is a really cute puppy (excuse to insert cute puppy gif here)…

Craig really likes to drink
Craig shots

And swim

And he must really like to strip (not only at his uncle’s birthday parties)

And then things really got real….

The group rose goes to Craig, jokes, Andi gave it to Marcus.

Chris and Andi rendezvous at the Santa Anita race track

They made some bets

And sipped on mint juleps
Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 2.36.21 PM

And then they just happened to run into a couple that has been together for 55 years. Nice set up ABC.

After the races, they had a lovely talk under the moonlight. Chris let Andi know that he is there for the right reasons.

And then he receives the rose.

Before the date ends, Andi (ABC) surprises him with a performance by This Wild Life.
This Wild Life

And then Chris lays one on her

Andi arrives at the cocktail party

Nick V. gives Andi a date card

Nice work Nick V.

Josh M wants to get to know Andi better….

Craig decides his best move to stay in the house is to write and perform a song for Andi?!?!?!?!

Craig and his sidekick Nick S got the book.

I was pretty shocked that Carl went home before some of the other dudes….

Can’t wait for the 2 night special Bachelorette “event” that starts on Sunday night. Make sure your DVR’s are set, you don’t want to miss this one. It looks like one of these fine gentleman has a girlfriend back home….

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The Challenge Free Agents, Episode 7: #Sucka

Unfortunatly, the holiday weekend interfered with my reality tv watching, re-watching and blogging.
Memorial Day

At last week’s challenge everyone was wrapped up in saran wrap like a sausage.
Sausage Party

The goal of the challenge was to roll yourself across the beach and build your own sausage thru a series of obstacles.

1. The Beach

2. The Grill

The Grill

3. Salsa

Here is a picture of CT not looking hot

4. Chimi Churri

4. Salt & Pepper (aka rocks)

6. The bun was the big finish

Laurel & Johnny (not bananas) win!!!  And this happened…

Tamara lost

Before deliberation, everyone goes out to their favorite hot spot Moby Dick

Where Anessa confronted Laurel about being friends


Laurel and Johnny (not bananas) throw Aneesa and Johnny Bananas into the elimination

Jordan is talking about flipping all 3 cards in the draw so he can go up against Bananas in the elimination round

He sticks to his word and pulls the dumbest move in Challenge history

Jona flips the kill card and unfortunately for her, she goes home….

Can we talk about this for a minute?!?!?!?!?!
Cara Maria

Due to my extensive Bachelorette research, I can offer you a link to buy your very own Gummy Vest. You are welcome.

And now, the moment that we have all been waiting for, Johnny Bananas vs. Jordan.  They had to climb a wall by punching holes in it and it was super close…

Until Jordan lost his footing..

And was sent home…

Laurel is sad her lover didn’t say goodbye. Don’t care. #sucka

The end.
The end


Survivor Season Finale: Brawns vs Brains vs Beauty

This season of survivor was full of surprises. Who would have thought that Spencer, Woo, Tony and Kass would have made it to the final 4?!?!?! Woo is the only castaway that was even drafted in the first round.

On Day 37 the final 4 woke up thinking they were going to get “a couple baskets of bread and cheese” delivered to their camp.  They never expected those baskets to be delivered by their loved ones on the “love boat”!!!!

Kass finally showed some emotion when her husband arrived, she must not be a robot after all.

Spencer was joined by his sister

Woo’s cousin Mike showed up

And Ton’y best friend came for a visit.  Tony was a little disappointed that it wasn’t his wife Marissa.

And then they had a picnic
Loved Ones

They had mango juice

Baked goods

A fat thing of crunchy peanut butter

Woo read tree mail and was surprised

“I am going to win this immunity challenge. Just picture it now, sole survivor, Yung Woo Hwang, WINNER of a MILLION DOLLARS.  And I can picture proposing to Kristina Hamilton, my lovely girlfriend, after getting permission from her mom and dad, of course. Starting my family, starting my life, but you know, one step at a time”
Whoa bro

The loved ones got to hang around and watch the immunity challenge!!

The Survivors had to stand on a foot high poll, drop a bucket into the water and fill it up

they used the bucket of water to raise a key.

Tony finished that portion of the challenge first
Tony Vlachos

Kass finished last

The next portion of the challenge is a block puzzle, Tony had no chance.
Tony Vlachos

Kass makes a shocking comeback and wins immunity!!!

Between the challenge and tribal Woo is trying to figure out what happens if it is a tie….

“I can’t recall what happens if it is a tie in the final four. How does that work? I won’t be able to vote, Spencer won’t be able to vote and if it goes to another tie, then man,”

“I don’t know what happens”

Well don’t worry bro, it didn’t come down to a tie and Spencer was voted out!

This is when Jeff announces that there is going to be one more immunity challenge. THERE WILL BE A FINAL 2 THIS YEAR!!!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!!

After tribal Kass and Woo have a little one-on-one time where Woo informs Kass….

At the final immunity challenge the players have to race thru a maze of turnstiles some will turn, some will not

Collecting 4 medallions along the way. The medallions will open up a chest.

Inside the chest there are cogs that when arranged correctly work together to raise a flag.


Woo Wins

Woo gets to decide who he takes to the final 2 with him.  And as previously stated by Woo, it would be stupid to take Tony.  Apparently Woo cares more about loyalty and integrity than a million dollars so he votes out Kass and takes Tony to the final 2.  You can’t really fault him for that.
Kass Voted Out

Woo already looks defeated.

I was definitely not sad to see the anti-fun robot go home. Trish was probably like…
bye (1)

Don’t forget to watch Spencer and Kass as they are voted out and arrive to Ponderosa

Tony and Woo get the final 2 treatment!!!
poppin bottles

Tony found a clue in the basket

That leads them to the looking glass
looking glass

Tony lost 20 pounds

Woo wants to win the million dollars to open a studio and help his family. All Tony and Marissa want is a pink chandelier for their daughter’s room, which I assume looks something like this…

When LJ rolled into the final tribal council it sparked a very important discussion at our viewing party. Who do you think LJ looks like?

In their opening statements, Tony explained his game was all strategy.  Woo told the jury that he played his game by the 5 codes of tae-kwon-do, respect, loyalty, integrity, discipline and harmony between mind and body.

Trish had an emotional speech

Morgan discussed her beauty and breasts

and Spencer told the jury to vote for Tony

In the end the jury voted for the contestant that played a better game.
Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 12.10.33 PM


I keep hoping for another epic final tribal exit from Jeff Probst.  Do you remember when this happened?

Or this?

Those were the days. But at least Jeff is still doing things like this –

Survivor Fantasy League Results: Survivor-Scorecard-5-21
1st place: Allison (Tony/LJ) 205 points
2nd place: Paul (Trish/Spencer) 102 points
3rd place: Shorty (Woo/Brice): 80 points

And if you want to be super nerdy, you can check out the master spreadsheet – HERE

Have a great summer!! See you in September!!!

The Challenge Free Agents, Episode 6: Australians Speak Dutch?

It’s time for the Trivia Challenge Beotches!!!!  TJ Lavin couldn’t be more thrilled!!!  Let’s get right to it!!!!!

Johnny, what is the official language spoken in Australia?

Zach, in fairy tales, who pricked her finger on a spinning wheel and slept for one hundred years. “Sleeping Beauty”

Here are a few more things that happened in the men’s Trivia round….

Jordan showboating


Swift and Zach were the last men “standing”…

Sorry Swift, you lose!

Zach wins for the guys!!!!
Zach Wins

Camila, what is the longest bone in the body? Thigh bone? WRONG.

Cara Maria, what continent does the USA belong to?

Aneesa gets one wrong, TJ thinks this is the funniest thing that happened since sliced bread.

Jona, what gossip girl actress did actor Ryan Reynolds marry last year.

Devyn, in what year did MTV premiere?

Devyn wins for the ladies!!!!

Before deliberation Laurel pulls a “gangster move” and shows Devyn how low she is on her execution list (5th to be exact). This has Devyn rethinking her next move.

Devyn showed up to deliberation in this

Zach and Devyn throw Theresa and Swift into the elimination round

Camila and Jordan pull the kill card

Jordan beats Swift

And Theresa sends Camila packing

Here is a photo of CT from Rivals 2.  You are welcome.

The Bachelorette Fantasy Rules

1. Participates in a group date: 2 points
2. Gets a rose: 2 points
3. Gets a one-on-one date: 3 points
4. Reads the date card: 3 points
5. Gets rose on group date: 5 points
6. Says the word “journey”: 5 points
7. Says “I didn’t come here to make friends”: 5 points
8. Makes out with Andi (:05 lip connection): 5 points
9. Claims they are in love/falling in love with Andi: 5 points
10. Gets a two-on-one date: 5 points
11. Accepts fantasy suite invitation: 5 points
12. Cries: 10 points
13. Mentions Juan Pablo: 10 points
14. Verbally attacks another dude: 10 points
15. Receives medical attention: 10 points
16. Says someone is not there “for the right reasons”: 10 points
17. Shirtless not poolside: 10 points
18. Makes out with Andi in a pool or hot tub: 10 points
19. Makes out with Andi in a helicopter: 10 points
20. Goes on a helicopter/private jet/yacht ride: 10 points
21. Sings song/plays guitar for Andi: 10 points
22. Shares story of previous relationship: 15 points
23. Makes out with Andi under fireworks: 15 points
24. Gives Andi a gift: 15 points
25. Writes Andi a letter, poem: 15 points
26. Receives the final rose: 25 points
27. Gets kicked off or quits (not at a rose ceremony): 25 points

Survivor 28, Episode 12: Wild Skeleton Blue Eyed Banshee

Since I am a few days late on my post, let’s get right to the reward challenge. Last week the contestants were playing for a chance to have pizza delivered to them at camp.

The goal of the challenge was to get as much mud as they could into the bucket before the set time ran out.

Tony won by a landslide.
Tony Vlachos

He chose to share his pizza with Trish

Woo felt like Encino Man


But Kass looked like a Snork.
The Snorkels

The pizza is delivered via helicopter and Tony doesn’t waste any time inhaling it.

Tony and Kass get into an argument and Tony decides she would understand llama better than english. A gif wouldn’t have done this justice and this is the only clip I could find.

Everyone is fighting for individual immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four. Tony gets to the final puzzle first but unfortunately for him, he has no idea how to do slide puzzles.

But Spencer does

Spencer WINS!!!
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.02.17 PM

Things got crazy at tribal. Kass called Trish a wild skeleton blue eyed banshee.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.20.10 PM

Trish calls Kass out for playing the victim.

And then Kass calls Trish a pshyco bitch, which takes Jeff by surprise.

And now it is time to vote. EVERYONE voted for Trish, even her closest ally Tony?!?!??!?!?!

Kass really showed some class when Trish went home.


The season finale is only 2 days away!!!!  Hopefully Tony and Spencer will face-off in the final 3.  Kass and Woo have no chance.

Check out the Survivor Fantasy League Standings: Survivor-Scorecard-5-14