The Challenge Free Agents, Episode 3: Wild Honeysuckle Blossoms

At the beginning of episode 3, Nany proposes to Cohutta.   And he accepts!
Cohutta Grindstaff

Let the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties begin!!
Jasmine Reynaud

Aneesa is not impressed
Aneesa Ferreira

Magic Johnny
Johnny Reilly

Nany doesn’t waste any time
Nany Gonzalez

The clue arrives “Let’s have some fun and do a bar crawl tomorrow”
Jasmine Reynaud

Devyn Simone

At the challenge, TJ informs Frank that he has to leave the game. Frank has been fighting a viral infection and is too contagious to stay in the house.
Frank Sweeney

CT & Cara’s team didn’t finish the challenge

Jordan dropped the bar
Jordan Wiseley

Brandon, Camila, Johnny & Jessica win!!
The Challenge

TJ approves
TJ Lavine

They nominate Nia and Johnny to go into the elimination round
Hurricane Nia

CT’s nerves are high because of the kill card

His shirt reminds me of this

Cara Maria flipped the kill card
Cara Maria

Johnny didn’t have to go into the elimination
Johnny Reilly

Cara Maria wins!
Cara Maria

Thumb sucking Nia goes home with a bum arm
Hurricane Nia
Hurricane Nia


Survivor 28, Episode 9: No Wonder You’re So Freaking Hot”

This week on Survivor, Tony is on high alert after blindsiding LJ at last weeks tribal. He decided to “work on some blue prints” to design a shack (Spy Shack 2.0) around the water well.

Jefra thinks Tony went into the wrong business.
Tony Vlachos

I am pretty sure Jefra is right.

At the reward challenge, Jeff tells the tribe that the winners will be taken to the Callou Caves where they will have a BBQ lunch.



Potatoe salad

Chocolate chip cookies.

Spencer, Jefra, Tasha and Jeremiah win reward!!
Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.09.03 AM

Back at camp, Tony wants to talk strategy but all Malnutrisha wants to do is talk about the lemon trees and papayas that she just found. Woo goes with Trish to collect the fruit. Unfortunately, things don’t end well for Woo.

Woo tried to pull a Silvester Stallone Cliffhanger move but failed miserably

The winners of the reward challenge arrived at the Callou Caves to a full spread

And letters from their families

Jefra believes the letter from her mom is a sign and decides to make a final 4 alliance with Spencer, Tasha and Jeremiah.

Immunity is back up for grabs! Once again, the immunity challenge came down to Tasha and Spencer.
Immunity Challenge

Tasha wins immunity again!!!!
Tasha Fox

After the immunity challenge Tony decided to search for the hidden immunity idol. And he found it. This “special” immunity idol can be played after the votes are read.  Not sure I agree with this new spin but I am not the producer. Let’s see how this shakes out.

Jeremiah decided it was time to leave the cat out of the bag
Jeremiah Wood

Spencer felt threatened by Jeremiah’s hotness and wanted to one up him

Next up, tribal! Jeff introduces the newest member of the jury
LJ Mckanas

A lot of eye rolling occurred.

And then it was time to vote

Spencer uses his idol but it doesn’t count, Jeremiah is voted out.

Check out the Survivor Fantasy League Draft standings here – Survivor-Scorecard-4-23

Happy Friday Ya’ll!  So glad this work week is almost over!!

The Challenge Free Agents, Episode 2: Forgive & Forget

In the second episode of The Challenge, Jessica and Emilee, with 2 e’s, are both fighting for Dustin’s attention.

Jessica wins

And then this happened…

Jessica is one lucky lady

At the challenge, the group is split into pairs.  Preston gets picked last

The challenge is divided into 2 parts. Drive a car real fast and then ride a bike.  Laurel and Cohutta come in first place!

After the challenge, everyone went out to celebrate Cohutta’s birthday.
Moby Dick


CT gets his tab

Camila tries to defuse the situation

And then ends up fighting her BFF instead. “I’m not here to make friends, I am here for the money”

Don’t worry, they made up the next day. “Fighting with a friend will either break you or make you closer. This one definitely made us closer”

Cohutta and Laurel throw Dustin & Jonna into the elimination round

Emilee and Frank flip the kill card and go into the elimination round against Dustin and Jonna.  Frank and Jonna send Dustin and Emilee, with 2 e’s, home. Jessica is sad. No one cares. The end.

Have a wonderful week!

Survivor 28, Episode 8: “The Funk is Setting in”

After last weeks tribal, Tony had a few choice words to say to Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha for writing his name down.

He also had this to say “When Jeff turned over that card and it said Tony, I probably pooped on myself”

At the reward challenge Jeff announces that they will be competing for a Survivor spa day where they will get real showers and massages

A spa lunch with chicken wraps and spring rolls

And fresh cool tropical cocktails

Spencer, Jeremiah and Tony won the reward challenge where they had fruity drinks
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 3.13.44 PM

Real showers

And a foot massage
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 3.26.28 PM

Back at camp, Tasha asks LJ to discreetly meet her to chat in the woods but LJ is afraid of the ticking time bomb, Tony.

At the immunity challenge it came down to LJ, Tasha and Tony. AND Tasha won!!! I didn’t see that coming.


After the immunity challenge, the alliance of 6 confirms that they are going to split the vote, girls vote Jeremiah, boys vote Spencer. But Tony is ready to strike and blindside LJ.

Woo is in

Spencer and Jeremiah are in

Tasha is in

Malnutrisha is gullible but not stupid, she is not breaking up the alliance of 6.

Why anyone would believe Tony at this point is beyond me but he seems to have everyone wrapped around his little finger.
Tiny hand copy

At tribal, Tony succeeded and LJ was sent packing.

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Next week on Survivor, Woo takes a terrible fall out of a coconut tree. Hopefully this doesn’t end his game.

Have a wonderful Easter. I leave you with this oldie but goodie.

The Challenge Free Agents, Season Premiere: “Let the Games Begin”

Welcome to the 25th season of The Challenge!!!!!
Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 10.49.53 AM

Who doesn’t love an indoor basketball court

Jordan is on the prowl…  “Miss Camilla always shows up in beautiful fashion”

So is Jasmine …..   “I want to be the whore of the challenge”  “I want cock and balls EVERY DAY, ALL DAY”

CT and Teresa challenge each other to a game of hoops

They even have cheerleaders


Teresa really showed us her skills on the court but CT still pulled away with the win

At the challenge, Latoya took one to the head and had to be carted out on a gurney.

The black team won

Black team had to nominate 2 people to go into the elimination round.

The rest of the losing team had to flip a card to see who will go in against Latoya and Chet.



Chet quit over a little blood



Survivor Season 28, Episode 7: “Pillow or Person”

After Chaos Kass flipped last week at tribal she came back to camp and decided to start in on Morgan about being lazy.  LJ likes this.

Morgan could care less

At the reward challenge, Jeff let’s the tribe know that they will be playing for the best reward so far “A Survivor themed Outback Steakhouse”.

Wood fire grilled outback steak

Baked potato with all the fix-ins, PLUS the all new Grilled Pineapple Rita

Last but not least, smores and mini milkshakes

Jefra, Spencer, Jeremiah, Morgan and LJ win reward!!! Welcome to Outback Steakhouse on the beach.

This guy

Mmmmmm Salad

At the Outback, Spencer found a hidden immunity clue in his napkin.

Woo thought something was up so he followed Spencer into the woods

Woo surprised Spencer and caught him with his pants off. Woo found the clue in Spencer’s pants and took off “Sonic the hedgehog style”


Woo shared the clue with the tribe and the mad treasure hunt for the idol was on. Even Morgan, the laziest girl at camp, was looking for it.

But Spencer finds the idol.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the idol with special powers

The Immunity Challenge was an endurance challenge. It came down to Spencer and Tasha.

Tony wants to send Morgan home.

Spencer targets Tony. Hoping Chaos Kass will flip again.

At tribal, Morgan admits that she is taken care of in the game and in real life “If any person in the world could decide to be ugly or cute, most would pick cute”.

Malnutrisha tells Morgan that she was dead weight.

Chaos Kass decides to play it cool and send “Queen” Morgan packing.

Now that we have jury members, don’t forget to check out what is happening at Ponderosa!!!!

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MTV The Challenge: Free Agents

The Challenge, Free Agents, returns on Thursday night!!!! This is fan-freaking-tastic news!! Here are a few reasons I am so excited!!!

1.  CT is back

2.  Diem is not

3.  The Challenges

4.  The Fights

6. Johnny Bananas and Frank

5.  The Pool

6. Hookups

7. Gone horribly wrong

6.  TJ

On a separate note, I would like to congratulate Paula Walnuts on her recent nuptials!! Her and her husband are expecting baby walnuts in the beginning of July!!!  You will be missed Paula.