The Bachelor 1/27, Episode 4: Juangnum Style

Before diving into Monday’s night episode of The Bachelor I would like to briefly touch on Sean and Catherine’s wedding.

  • Grown Sexy?
  • Lots of super awkward talk about consummating their marriage.
  • Not enough celebrity interviews.
  • Not enough interviews with past contestants.
  • No one cares about Ryan and Trista anymore.  STOP TALKING TO THEM.
  • Andi Dick?



The Bachelor wedding was worse than watching an episode of Dancing with the Stars, if that is even humanly possible.

I will never subject myself to another Bachelor wedding, sorry Chris Harrison.


Enough of Sean and Catherine, lets get to this weeks episode of The Bachelor.  The episode started out with Juan “homophobe” Pablo picking his daughters wedgie before heading out to jump on a plane to meet the women in Seoul, South Korea.  How romantic.

After flying halfway around the world, the first group date is more dancing, are you shocked?  The girls get to perform with the group 2NE1 on stage at a MALL….  Don’t worry the Mall is big enough to hold all 200 fans.


Kat, the washed up dancer, is in her element and tries to outshine the girls by doing some of this.


And some of this…


Nikki is less than impressed by Kat’s dance moves.


And then this happened..


After the group date, Sharleen had her one-on-one.  She sang opera, don’t care.  They made out, don’t care.  She got a rose, don’t care.


The next group date started off at a Korean Karaoke lounge where the girls danced AGAIN while trying to sing along to Korean pop music.


After dancing their hearts out and stopping at the fish foot spa they toured around Seoul.  The girls were getting annoyed at how much Clare dominated the group date.  She hung all over Juan Pablo and made sure that she stuck out in the group.  She made a huge deal out of eating a piece of squid.  SQUID.  Has she never had or heard of calamari? Of course Juan Pablo makes the all of the girls try squid and Clare makes a huge deal out of eating a small piece.  This is when dog lover Kelly stepped in to say “Clare is the most dramatic person I have ever seen. Her piece was literally this big and I know you have swallowed bigger things than that”.


I have to say the only entertainment on the show right now is Kelly.  I am so glad she wasn’t voted off this week.

At the rose ceremony Elise and Lauren (after being shut down when asking for a kiss) were voted out of Korea.  Next stop Vietnam!!!

Check out the fantasy league standings here – The-Bachelor_Scorecard_1-27

Until then rose lovers….  Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!!!



Survivor Cagayan Season 28: Meet the Cast

The season premiere of Survivor 28, Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawns, will air on February 26th at 8pm EST. Let’s meet the cast!!!!!!!


Let’s get started with the Brains – Tribe Name:  Luzon

Luzon-Brains Tribe


J’Tia Taylor
Age: 31
Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Nuclear Engineer – Ex-Model


J’Tia was born and raised in Miami, FL.  Growing up she says she was a nerd and a tom boy and really came into her own in college.  Before going to college for engineering she modeled abroad and in the states for 4 years.   She is attracted to the everyday nerd.  


nerd jump

She also said that she is a “Collector of experiences”.  Whatever that means.   Her strategy is to be relatable.  She says that she is reliable, she is not a huge threat, she is devious, and she will stab you in the back. 
Pet Peeves:  Chunks in food/drinks (e.g. rocky road ice cream)
Three Island Essentials:  I Love Nerds T-shirt, Mentos, And a thick novel
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________ David Samson
Age: 45
Plantation, Fla.
Occupation: President, Miami Marlins

David Samson

David has been married for 22 years and has 3 kids. He grew up in New york city. Here is how he prepared for the show “Went out and bought flint one day and tried to light something on fire, and I am pretty sure I cut my little toe off, so that didn’t go as well as I thought it would. I tried to figure out how to sleep outside, it was great, because in FL I have these nice lounge chairs and a tv and a beer, so that worked very well, so I am sure that is what this will be like. So I’d say I prepped perfectly” He says he has the ability to do anything, he did an iron man. Strategy: Meticulously assassin one person after the next.

Net Worth: $200 Million
He left the Marlins mid season to film Survivor 28.
“Not David Samson” Twitter account
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________

Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen
Age: 40
Tehachapi, Calif.
Occupation: Attorney


She has never missed an episode of Survivor. Her strategy is go in unassuming, as a lawyer she wears cheap suits and flat shoes, she is going to let everyone believe that they are stronger than her and at the end of the day she will give them them the old hamakery? People like to appear their best, she likes to appear her worst and then she will rise to the top. She is going to tell people that she is a animal handler at the family ranch. Part of her success is acting like someone she is not. She wants people to think she looks like a mom that is heading to the soccer party with oranges.

Hobbies: Reading, rabble rousing and golfing/walking/hiking

Survivor Bio


Latasha “Tasha” Fox
Age: 37
St. Louis, Mo.
Occupation: Accountant/Ex-NFL Cheerleader


Tasha was a St. Louis Rams cheerleader in her past life. She is a fan of the game and is ready to live life and break out of her comfort zone. She has no problem backstabbing and lying her way through the game.

Three Island Essentials: The Bible, Bracelet, Toothbrush
Hobbies: Candy Crush
Survivor Bio


Spencer Bledsoe
Age: 21
Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Student


Spencer attends the University of Chicago. He is a chess expert who won the state championship at age 17 and tied for world chess open at 18. Chess is on his mind all of the time, chess, chess, chess.

He believes he is the smartest person in the room. But don’t worry he will speak on your level. He is not a male model, He doesn’t want people knowing he is a genius or a super fan. Making moves is his strategy. He loves blindsides and thinks it will be fun to see someones hopes and dreams come crashing down in his hands.


Chess Expert
2010 Chess World open standings
Hobbies: Chess, Ultimate Frisbee, partying
Three Essentials: Chess board, The American Flag, The Economist
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________

Garrett Adelstein
Age: 27
Santa Monica, Calif.
Occupation: Pro Poker Player


He plays high stakes cash games. Anytime he isn’t out with his friends partying he is focusing on his poker game. He says that he is one of the most successful online poker players. He thinks he is the perfect survivor player because he is very strategic and has spent over 2000 hours mastering survivor strategy. Physically obsessed with body building and works out 3 hours a day. He really likes working out and playing poker, oh and learning the game of survivor.

Hobbies: Bodybuilding, alcohol, psychology, and cinema.
Three Essentials: Picture of people closest to him, Never ending email chain with best friends, AND a naked picture of a girl he enjoys hooking up with, in case all of the attractive girls get voted off….
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________
Beauty Tribe:  Solana



Brice Johnston
Age: 27
Philadelphia, Penn.
Occupation: Social Worker/shoes salesman


Loves shoes, accessories, and anything that sparkles.  He has been a survivor his whole life, he is one of 4 boys. If you give him shade he will throw shade right back at you. He can adapt as far as the social aspect of the game goes. He mentions that fact that he will have to control his crazy facial expressions. His strategy is to cause controversy and then be the one to smooth it out.  That should go well.

He spends his free time making sweet music.

Three Island Essentials: Body spray, lip balm & family pics
Hobbies: Watching reality TV!!!
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________

Jeremiah Wood
Age: 34
Dobson, N.C.
Occupation: Male Model


Super southern boy from the back woods of N.C. He is an Abercrombie and a Ralph Lauren model. He enjoys hunting and fishing when not showing off his hot bod. He plans on showing the contestants what manners and southern charm is all about and plans on treating everyone equally. He will flirt with the gals, and maybe find the love of his life on the show. He is one excited individual and wants to become friends with everyone. He is too nice for this show but is not bad to look at.

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing and slow pitch softballsoftballgif

Three Essentials: NC Flag, Softball jersey, Letter from his mom
Model Agency: Maximum Talent
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________

Jefra Bland
Age: 23
Campbellsville, KY.
Occupation: Miss Kentucky Teen USA


Jefra is a pageant girl but says that doesn’t define who she is. She is more of a tomboy who likes to hunt & fish. She thinks she will be underestimated. She is very independent and will get down and dirty with a hatchet?!?!?! She said that she is not going to flirt her way thru the game but my guess is after she meets good ole Jeremiah, she will be singing a different tune.

Actress in Shooter Jennings’ The Other Life (Minute 1:28)

Miss Teen USA Q&A:

Q: What is the craziest thing you have ever done? A: I had the opportunity to go 178 miles per hour on dirt. I was able to ride with my brother, as he sped around the high banks of a dirt oval race-track behind the wheel of his late model dirt race car to take the checkered flag. What a thrill.

Q: What is unique about you (something no other contestant can say about themselves)? A: I sang at High Mass at the Vatican in Rome as a member of the Bob Westbrooke singers. Also, I had to cut my LONG BLONDE HAIR and dye it red when I was cast for the leading role of Annie and the director would not allow me to wear a wig!

Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________

Morgan McLeod
Age: 21
San Jose, Calif.
Occupation: Ex-49ers Cheerleader


Morgan is currently a grad student at The University of California @ Santa Cruz studying Astronomy & Astrophysics . She is an ex-49er cheerleader who thinks she has target on her back already because she is a cute young thang. Her strategy is to play moderately and slide thru. She plans on being extra nice to the guys and will do whatever it takes to get herself farther in the game. Hobbies: Interior design, working out, dancing Three essentials: Razor, camera, and my iphone so she can Instagram and Facebook while she is bored.

Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________

Alexis Maxwell
Age: 21
Addison, Ill.
Occupation: Student


Alexis is a psychology major at Northwestern University. She prepared for the show by working out a lot. She says she loves new adventures and is ready to make a 180 from being at home and having AC to coming out here and having nothing. Her strategy is to get in with the girls quickly and make moves.

Pet Peeves: Guys who are Stage 5 Clingers and people who blow their nose in public.
Survivor Bio _________________________________________________________________________
LJ McKanas
Age: 34
Boston, Mass.
Occupation: Horse Trainer, Bartender, Lounge Owner

LJ loves the outdoors and has a desire to build a shelter and fire. He is going to try to dummy himself down for the game. He “reads a lot of stuff” and is also a puzzle freak, he loves them so much, “oh my god”. He played football in college and learned how to keep him mouth shut through organized sports. He thinks this will help in the game. He also loves starbursts.

Named one of Boston’s Sexiest in 2012 by Stuff Magazine. Apparently he is also an actor and a model. He is working on a documentary about a football star prepping for a comeback. LJ would love to share a nightcap with: Male – Richard Branson; Female Megan Fox, for the “conversation”

Survivor Bio


Brawns Tribe:  Appari
Aparri-Brawns Tribe


Sarah Lacina
Age: 29
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Occupation: Police Officer

Sarah Lacina

Cop Sarah really pays attention to detail but doesn’t have a way with words. It scares me that she is allowed to carry a gun on a daily basis. She is very competitive and claims she is a physical threat. She has played sports all of her life. Part of her strategy – “Alliance is huge for me, I want to get one person and then I want to assign us both to go out and grab one person and now we have four but we secretly know that it is us two” Wow what a strategy. She is lacking a personality.
Pet Peeves: Loud Chewers, hates voicemails, and stupid people
Sarah is also an MMA Fighter
Survivor Bio

Yung “Woo” Hwang
Age: 29
Newport Beach, Calif.
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor
Woo is the master instructor of lots of things, martial arts, surfing, personal training. He pegs himself a good listener, quick and agile. He likes to climb trees, fish and swim. Claims that people like him. He is really trying to find out who he is while he is on the island. Maybe you should focus more on the million dollars Woo.
Woo is also an actor who has appeared in Santa’s Summer House and the made for TV movie Body Blow (USA).
Three Island Essentials: Surfboard, Football, Martial arts weapon

Favorite Maggazines: Surfer Mag, Bliss, Ghetto Juice
Survivor Bio


Tony Vlachos
Age: 39
Jersey City, N.J.
Occupation: Police Officer

Tony is what you think of when you think of a Jersey cop. He either spends a lot of time down at the shore or in a tanning bed. He is street smart and plans to use his cop intuition to help him get further in the game. He doesn’t like germs, doesn’t like bugs, doesn’t like the sun (so he must love the t-bed), he doesn’t like plants, but says that he will deal with the elements. Good luck with that Tony. He believes that someones failure is someone else’s success. He is here for the fortune not the fame. Spoken like a true Jersian
Pet Peeves: Thugs who wear skinny jeans.


Three Essentials: Cigs, coffee and liquor (WOW)
Former Survivor most like: Mix between Russell Hantz and Boston Rob
Twitter N/A
Survivor Bio


Lindsey Ogle jones
Age: 29
Kokomo, Ind.
Occupation: Salon owner, Hairstylist, Bartender


Lindsey is great at reading people, she is good at manipulating and she is impulsive. She is also a slave to her emotions.


Her strategy is to align with someone who is logical. This is what she says about her family genes – They get really ripped really fast, and are strong looking, she had really ripped abs and ripped biceps before coming on the show but didn’t want to look too intimidating. So she had a few drinks and ate a few cheeseburgers. She didn’t want to come off too dominating, so she ate an entire pizza. She is here for the adventure, the money is a plus.

Three Essentials: A picture of my loved ones, A dollar bill (maybe she was a stripper in her past life), and a shot of Jack
Salon: The Fade
Twitter N/A
Survivor Bio

Cliff Robinson
Age: 46
Newark, N.J.
Occupation: Former NBA All-Star

Uncle Cliffy is in sports marketing. He is 6’ 10”, and doesn’t know if he can sneak around camp without tribe mates pointing him out “There he is, there he is”. He is trying to carry on the tradition of former athlete’s that have played the game. He is extremely competitive and came out here to put his best foot forward. He likes to win but who likes to lose?!?!
Married to Heather Robinson, Real Housewives of New Jersey
He recently traveled to North Korea with Dennis Rodman to play some b-ball and meet Kim Jong Un.


Cliff was not impressed with Rodmans interview with CNN.

Cliff filed for bankruptcy in 2009.
Survivor Bio

Trish Hegarty
Age: 48
Needham, Mass.
Occupation: Pilates Instructor


Trish loves people, loves swimming and says she is low maintenance. She tells herself every night that she is going to win Survivor and she visualizes winning. She has a lot of deep conversations with herself..

She is not here to make friends. She knows she needs to keep her mouth shut and her temper in check. “When your dreams die, your soul dies”
Pet Peeves: Liars, Laziness, Manipulators, arrogance
Survivor Bio

The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 3

Before we dive into this weeks episode of The Bachelor, I forgot to comment on the M&M commercial that might have been overlooked by the majority of viewers that own a DVR.  Not that there is really anything to note, other than the bad acting, but I wanted to point it out anyway.

Monday night on the bachelor I was both shocked and saddened to see Lucy, the free spirit, go home. She was great for the show and I am sad that she will not be making anymore naked appearances on season 18. Lucy recently made Buzzfeeds “36 White People that Need to be Stopped” article, coming in at #23.  If you have time to read this article in full, do it.

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the show.  Chris Harrison delivered the first date card wearing what might have been my least favorite shirt that he has ever worn on the show.  I hope this is not part of his clothing line.  While I was researching Chris Harrison’s ugly shirt, I stumbled upon Cocky Chris Harrison’s twitter page.  This page only has a few thousand followers but has major potential.

Ok, back to the show, Cassandra got the first one-on-one date.  They drove a car boat (don’t care) and danced awkwardly back at his pad.  She got a rose.  This date and the two participants bored me enough I thought about 2 screening it.

Next up was the group date!!  I got really excited thinking we could have a repeat of last weeks pure destruction.

Not drunk at all

Unfortunately, we were hugely disappointed when all they did was “play” soccer and make out.


After being hit in the face by Juan Pablo’s ball, Sharleen and The Bachelor share a cringe worthy kiss while getting some alone time in the middle of the soccer field. When she is not being dominated on the field Sharleen enjoys singing opera, blowing bubbles and role playing.

SharleenNikki, who seems to be the most normal, walked away with the rose on the group date.

Chelsie got the next one-on-one date, sorry about your bad luck Elise.  I don’t think ABC had enough footage of this date because they showed this scene for way too long.

stop please stop

After “loosening” up in the car, Juan Pablo spent the next hour trying to convince Chelsie to bungie jump off of a bridge.  Mind you, there was nothing but concrete staring them in the face.  He finally convinced her and they shared their first makeout hanging upside down.  Per usual, the date ended with a private concert with an unknown artist..  Chelsie got  a rose.

The next day, Juan Pablo, decided to sneak into the ladies mansion before they were awake and make them breakfast.  Kelly, the dog lover, was not pleased when she spotted the bachelor in the kitchen.  If you are uncomfortable with your wakeup face why in the world would you go downstairs and put yourself in front of 20 cameras.  Deal with it Kelly the dog lover.


After breakfast the ladies had a pool party instead of a cocktail party.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  I think some of the girls have different opinions on this.


Kelly Not Pleased

At the rose ceremony Lucy (insert sad face) and Christy got the boot.  You may be asking yourself “who the heck is Christy?”.  Don’t worry, they rest of America is asking the same thing.

She was on the show?

And that ends this weeks recap.  Please go to the following link to download the scorecard for episode 3 ~ The-Bachelor_Scorecard_1-20.

Sean and Catherine will be married Sunday night, live on ABC!!  Don’t forget to tune in.


Until next week, stay warm friends!!!!!!!

To check out more Bachelor .gifs check out Todd’s TV blog.

The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 2

Warning:  If you are going to watch the video links at work, please use your headphones.

Monday nights Bachelor brought new meaning to straddling, humping and the hymen.

Let’s skip right to minute 1:03 when Nikki politely told Victoria to chill out on the drinking for a little bit.  Thank the bachelor gods that Victoria did not take Nikki’s advice and continued to get straight up annihilated.


Favorite Quotes:

Check out what Victoria is up to or should I say not up to HERE.  Victoria scored Kristi 52 points this week with all of her crying, bikini wearing and getting kicked off the show not at a rose ceremony.

Now lets talk about the other free spirited crazy, Lucy.  Lucy loves being nude. Here are some other things you might want to know about her:

These 2 crazies overshadowed both Clare and Kats one-on-one dates, sorry gals.  Although, I wouldn’t mind doing THIS next year, who is in?  Cleveland, June 20th!!!  Yea, buddy.

Please go to this link to download the scorecard for episode 2:  The-Bachelor_Scorecard_1-13

I am looking forward to seeing who is here for the right reasons.  Never forget.

Until next week……

The Bachelor: Draft Picks & Fantasy Rules

Draft Results:

Draft Results


  1. Participates in a group date: 2 points
  2. Gets a rose: 2 point
  3. Gets a one-on-one date:  3 points
  4. Reads the date card: 3 points
  5. Gets rose on group date (5)
  6. Says the word “journey”:  5 points
  7. Says “I didn’t come here to make friends”: 5 points
  8. Makes out with Juan Pablo (:05 lip connection): 5 points
  9. Claims they are in love/falling in love with Juan Pablo:  5 points
  10. Cries:  5 points
  11. Gets a two-on-one date: 5 points
  12. Accepts fantasy suite invitation:  5 points
  13. Mentions Juan Pablo’s daughter Camila:  10 points
  14. Verbally attacks another girl:  10 points
  15. Says someone is not there “for the right reasons”:  10 points
  16. Wears a bikini not poolside: 10 points
  17. Makes out with Juan Pablo in a pool or hot tub:  10 points
  18. Makes out with Juan Pablo in a helicopter:  10 points
  19. Receives medical attention:  10 points
  20. Goes on a helicopter/private jet ride: 10 points
  21. Shares  story of previous relationship:  15 points
  22. Makes out with Juan Pablo under fireworks: 15 points
  23. Gives Juan Pablo a gift: 15 points
  24. Sings or Writes a song or poem for Juan Pabloe:  15 points
  25. Receives the final rose: 25 points
  26. Gets kicked off of the show (Not at a rose ceremony):  25 points